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Situs akan memberikan kita informasi tentang development blogger, upgrade, dan beberapa isu lain
Di situs ini akan dijelaskan masalah dan bugs pada blogger yang dijumpai tiap tanggal dan langkah yang diambil tim blogger untuk mengatasinya.

Laporannya misalnya seperti berikut :

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Blogger will be unavailable Wednesday (1/30) at 4:30PM PST for about 10 minutes for maintenance. Update: The maintenance is complete. Posted by John at 15:06 PST Monday, January 28, 2008 Blogger will be unavailable Monday (1/28) at 4:00PM PST for about 10 minutes for maintenance. Update: The maintenance is complete. Posted by John at 12:21 PST Thursday, January 17, 2008 This afternoon, many blogs showed the error bX-uxu3fu for about two to three hours. This was caused by a bug in our latest release that affected highly-customized Layouts templates. We noticed the problem as soon as the release finished deploying, and worked quickly to find and fix the bug. We apologize to the bloggers and readers of the affected blogs. Clarification and details update, 1/18: Yesterday afternoon, we deployed an update to Blogger including new features and bug fixes. Immediately after the update, we discovered that one of the bug fixes had introduced a new bug which blocked people from viewing a small number of blogs with certain highly-customized Layouts templates. We immediately began to deploy a fix, but viewers of the affected blogs may have seen an internal error (bX-uxu3fu) for a period of a few hours during the redeployment. We make every effort to test changes prior to deployment. Testing against every possible customized template is impossible, so we do our best to test the most used features. Unfortunately, this one slipped through our procedures. We apologize to the affected bloggers and their readers. We're adding new test cases to our procedures to catch this and similar issues in the future. Posted by Pete at 20:10 PST Tuesday, November 20, 2007 Video upload is currently not working. Our engineers are working to fix it. Update, 9:30AM: This has been fixed. Posted by Pete at 08:42 PST Wednesday, November 14, 2007 Invitations to team blogs and private blogs are currently returning error code bX-tgu0qs. We're investigating. Update: This error code is also appearing when logging in via the comment form. Update (16:30 PST): This should mostly be fixed, though there are some lingering issues with Internet Explorer 6, which we're still working on. If that affects you, you should still be able to use these features from another browser, such as Firefox. Posted by Graham at 10:06 PST Thursday, November 08, 2007 Blogger is currently experiencing issues with video upload. Our engineers are working on it. Thank you for your patience. Posted by Jessica at 17:21 PST Tuesday, November 06, 2007 Blogger is currently having trouble publishing to a number of FTP hosts. We're investigating and will update as the situation develops. Thanks for your patience. Update: This issue was fixed on 11/6 at 8:30PM PST. Posted by Graham at 12:41 PST

Dari pemgumuman ini, mungkin kita bisa melihat beberapa problem yang masih ada pada blogger. tak ada gading yang tak retak..blogger pun masih belajar untuk menjadi lebih baik..Kita seharusnya juga begitu..

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