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Serie A pekan Kedua - Milan Benar-Benar mengecewakan

Ancelotti mundur saja!!!!
Mengecewakan..satu kata cukup untuk mewakili perasaan Milanisti seluruh dunia..
Milan kalah lagi di pekan kedua melawan Genoa (0-2). Genoa bermain seperti klub papan atas..
Strategi Ancelotti memainkan 1 striker dengan Sheva di depan memang patut dipertanyakan.. Sheva bukan sheva yang dulu lagi..
Buat Paolo Maldini : Sudah cukup..Anda sudah tidak bisa mengimbangi penyerang penyerang serie A.. tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat saya, lebih bagus jika anda mundur dari tim..Beri kepercayaan bagi pemain yang lebuh muda..

Berikut petikan berita dari ACMILAN.COM :


GENOA: Rubinho; Biava, Ferrari, Criscito; Mesto, Milanetto, Juric, Modesto; Sculli; Milito, Gasbarroni.
MILAN: Abbiati; Zambrotta, Bonera, Maldini, Favalli; Flamini, Pirlo, Ambrosini; Ronaldinho; Shevchenko, Kakà.

There was nothing to do for Milan who went to Genoa to win, but come home without the three points. Like against Bologna, the Rossoneri created a lot of chances, but could not convert their chances and suffered the rhythm of their opponents. Genoa are careful and active, the Gasbarroni-Scullli-Milito trident gives positive responses to Gasperini who, after the defeat at Catania, finds back the victory, showing he prepared this match very carefully.

Decisive were the goals by Sculli, scored in the 30th minute of the first half, and by Milito, on a penalty in stoppage time. A bad blow for Milan who try to react throughout the match without much luck. Especially in the second half, the Rossoneri make themselves dangerous more than once through a fine Borriello, who came back following his operation on 31 July, and the will to win of Kaká and his team mates, who were close to equalising on several occasions. The Rossoneri were incredibly unlucky as they tried to force an equaliser near the end, as they came close to equalising through Pato, who came in for Flamini in the second half, as well as through Borriello and Ambrosini. Despite the goal conceded and the penalty, there was a good performance from Christian Abbiati, who made at least three decisive saves. But Milan continue to suffer too much and concede too many goals.

At the end of the game against Genoa, the Rossoneri showed all their disappointment for the defeat, despite the numerous chances created and the desire to redeem themselves by remaining united. –


These are the declarations of the Rossoneri players at the end of Genoa-Milan 2-0:

“The entire team did its best and played to win. We did not play badly, but unfortunately we lost. Personally I tried to do my best and during the goal scoring opportunity I had, Rubinho was very lucky. We must do well in the next game and try to win.”

“This defeat weighs especially on us players. It’s a difficult moment and we must try to remain united and search for a win straight away to start again. It’s difficult to say what this Milan side lacked, it’s a bad moment. During the game I searched for spaces to free my team-mates, but the Genoa players were good to close us down. In the dressing room at the end of the game, the coach told us to remain united and that we must find a win as soon as possible. It’s the coach who takes the decisions on who has to play and if I play I try to do my best.”

“Right now we must try to be united more than ever. Milan is always used to win and with the strength of the group we can overcome a bad moment. Genoa made a nice move on their goal and we could have been closer in the markings. Maybe we are a bit predictable and we find a bit of difficult against these teams who close themselves well. Our physical condition is not bad. When we are behind we still try in every way to obtain a positive result.”

“It’s always nice to return here at Genoa, but it would have been better to return with a win. Today we must only compliment Genoa. We did our best, but I think that the great strength of this team will come out, already on Thursday for the Uefa Cup game. It’s a pity because we created many chances, but right now the strength of this team is in the values it has on the human level. These have been my first 45 minutes following 45 days of my operation. Obviously I lack a bit of condition, a bit of strength, but with hte many games we shall play I will have the opportunity to be back in form.”

According to Ancelotti Milan is "still in time to fix things up. I’m certain that we will succeed.” Adriano Galliani agrees: “Without the national teams for three weeks we can work and better. The coach is not risking.”

GENOA – This is the analysis of Adriano Galliani and Carlo Ancelotti at the end of the Genoa-Milan game:


“The situation is certainly not the best but we must not make things sound worse than they are. Today I saw a better Milan side in the second half, a Milan side who did a lot and had a reaction. I believe that it is from there that we must start again.

“Now finally for three weeks we will be able to coach our players because there are no national team games. We suffer from the national teams sickness. Especially the new players have always been away during this period. Now we can train and the situation can only improve.

“We don’t want to dramatize the situation: we were playing away from home against a very good Genoa side, but it’s clear that we must improve. In the mean time I repeat and say for the umpteenth time: the coach does not risk. However he needs to find the right solution and I believe that he will succeed. Neither the president nor I have ever though about changing him.

“The players know that they are in a club of a certain type, who created its wins in accepting the defeats, without losing its head. I think that the real quality of the strong ones is the absolute calmness, naturally working and trying to improve. Therefore we continue and we look forward. Forza Milan!”


“At Milan we are not used to finding a scapegoat. We are used to making auto criticism and trying to find solutions. Will we succeed? I say yes. Looking at the standings we cannot be happy, but we are still in time to fix things. And I’m certain that we will succeed.

“Today it’s as if there were two games: a very suffered first half and a second half in which we pushed more. As I said even yesterday, we did not have too much time to train all together. Now we shall be able to work to solve these problems. We must assemble better the players, as we have the time to do so.

“Who asked to buy Ronaldinho? I asked to buy him, this is my Milan. I have nothing to clear with the club, who has always been very close to me and try to calm me down. I go forward on my road, without caring about what is being written.”

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